This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.

This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.
94th Birthday... We went easy on the candles!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why blog?

Because as a primary caregiver for my 94 year old uncle on his pretty large farm over 15 miles from civilization there are things I just need to say and be heard (in this case read) and at times would like a response.  This caregiving world is as isolating as you might imagine Siberia in the winter or a desert in the hot summer.  It also has the most surprising heart warming hot spring moments and often shows up like a thirst quenching oaisis.

First let me say I CHOOSE TO BE HERE. 
My Uncle has been a good man all of his life and has been extremely generous with his time and other resources to many people.  He deserves to be at home comfortably and safely as long as possible or until he decides to leave this earth. 

So the goal in writing is not to complain.  It is to share my world and therefore even if it's in pretend cyberspace, be less isolated through cyber-catharsis and hopefully inadvertently help others in a similar situation.

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