This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.

This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.
94th Birthday... We went easy on the candles!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Then and Now...a little bit about me. NOW first.

These days I start at 7am.  Walk the dogs; fill the bird feeders; check to see that the curtain at Uncle Nicks is pulled to the side (our code for 'I've been downstairs this morning'); feed the dogs; make my coffee and check emails; put a load of wash in; go back over to Uncle Nicks and make a five course breakfast, wake him up or if he's up and showered - I clean and dress his leg wound; then he eats, I clean up and we talk about the day.  This all happens before 10:30am-ish.  Some days there are doctors visits and/or errands or nurses visiting or bills to pay and paperwork to follow up on and phone calls to make.  You get the picture.  And then some days I get to sleep until 8 and other I get to take a shower.  But I rarely get to clean my house or turn off my mind.

People have wondered out loud to me if I need to be more organized.  Then I list the responsibilities and even wonder myself, 'could I be more orgainzed'.  Here's the list -
Uncle Nick's care,
Uncle Nick's medical attention/visits etc.,
Uncle Nicks house,
my house in Georgia and
the house I live in,
the farm (six acres that need caring with six out buildings),
625's 8 rental units and 14 tenants,
bills for the business,
Uncle Nick's and
my personal bills,
two dogs,
a part-time job with management responsibilities,
and maintaining my relationships?!?! (LOL)

AM I COMPLAINING?  No not really.  I am managing -juggling- some days better than others.  And Uncle Nick is grateful and tells me he is and that makes it easier.

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  1. The things I didn't mention up in that list are the everyday and weekly things like cooking, washing, shopping, exercising and resting and opening tons of crazy mail. So, I don't know if the answer to could I be more organized is a black and white yes or no. It may be that you choose what is important and then try and get to the rest with the energy that is left.