This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.

This is Nick...aka Uncle Nick.
94th Birthday... We went easy on the candles!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Then and Now...a little bit about me. Then THEN.

What qualifies me to be a primary caregiver for a 94 year old Uncle is I have always been a giver, perseverant, detail oriented, a leader, finder of what's missing so that it can be found and fixed, adventurous, daring in certain areas and inspired by others.  But despite all this it was my accepted destiny.

I've said that I lived my life knowing that some day I'd be here helping my uncle - like having a destiny.  So I lived life.  I got educated in a helping area - my undergrad in psychology and counseling and my graduate work in Human Resources.  I have had a successful career as a Human Resources Management professional in the HBA and pharmaceutical industries; with companies including manufacturing, distribution and sales.  I studied accounting, small business management, and other areas that would make me able. 

I have enjoyed travel to 30 + US states including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas and other countries like Italy, Africa and France and have rich memories of wonderful experiences, architecture, foods and drink. 

I used to spend a lot of time  on art, food and friends and their kids.  I had lots and lots of fun.  I had enough money for me to enjoy that life.  I used to get manicures and pedicures, colored my hair and got massages.  I used to wear Jones of New York to work and enjoy lunches out and dinners out.  Saw movies, art exhibits and took yoga classes.  Had a garden and enjoyed looking up new plants and growing things.  Enjoyed taking my dog to the dog park and having him groomed.  I went to the dentist, the doctors for annuals and when I needed to.

Many many things have changed.   Metaphorically, if all my llifes' different life experiences were different muscle groups... lets just say I've exercised very few of the old muscle groups in the last three years.  And you know what they say... if you don't use it you loose it.  Maybe this is why I'm feeling like a big mush.

By the way, what I haven't mentioned yet is love and loving relationships.  I have been in love romantically and I have been loved in return, just not for a long time.  This is a topic for a different blog.  And I haven't talked about my faith in God, yet.

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